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Endhiran Verdict (Review) Robot Movie Review

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by DhananJayan Chandrasekar

Hi guys, I am happy to write about thalaivar’s  Endhiran movie review as I am also eligible for this.

First of all, we all need to thank Ramar and Allah for this awsome day as they would have prevented this happiness if the verdict goes in wrong direction.

Ok, lets come back to the review.

Though I don’t want to reveal the story, at this time online commanders would have revealed it. Let me limit myself with a short review.

Awesome twist in the first few minutes itself as we all would be expecting a great opening to Rajini with a great opening song. Nothing happened in that sense, even a great frame of focus was also not given to Rajini in the opening scene. Jus a shot. Thats it.

Dr.Vasi (Huma Rajini) a scientist who is inventing a Humanoid Robot (Robot Rajini) with all skills like fighting, reading, learning, dancing etc. with excellent memory space and CPU functionalities. But he missed to add the 6th sense feature to think, to act, TO LOVE, to get angry etc.,  which leads to lose a girl’s live. So Harmonic Simulation Package is being installed in Robot CPU for getting approved in the Science Council and the reaction by Robot is what the first half.

After Interval, Dr. Vasi is dismantling the Robot since it is also in love with Sana (Aishwarya), Dr. Vasi’s would-be. The situation is being used by the villan team and the good-boy Robot is turned-to Bad-Boy Robot and the climax, you can guess, what would be happened.

Finally,=== Rajini’s performance is awsome throughout the movie and each n every one can feel the hard work put down by the entire Shankar’s team. Songs visualisation is ok and the actions are perfect to Robot.

Rating : 4.5 / 5.0

Note: Repeated Audiences are expected.

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