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India at 100 Exhibition – Trade Fair 2011 – April 7 to April 14 Delhi – Event and Venue Details

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India at 100 is a stage to debate, experiment and articulate ways that will make our cities future-ready, not for a decade but for an eternity, hopefully. Without your presence it’ll be all talk and little action.

Unveiling the Code Green Charter with Sanjay Prakash. Making Green a business strategy: A Conclave

A multi-activity initiative aimed at educating, promoting and sensitizing business houses and citizens towards the adoption of Green living.

10th April, 10am – 6pm; Jacaranda/Basement Theatre

12×12: Seminar on Urbanism

A participatory platform of policy makers, professionals, technocrats, activists, educationists, concerned citizens and media; to share their vision of the future of their cities in just 12 minutes.

11-12th April, 10am – 6pm; Jacaranda/Basement Theatre


100 Ideas / 100 Weeks: Funding your Business Ideas

It is a co-partnered initiative in collaboration with several investment funds that invites the submission of ideas with a potential of turning environmental challenges into a viable business. This event aims to invest in 100 such ideas over the next 100 weeks.

13th April, 10am – 6pm; Jacaranda/Basement Theatre

SpireTec Competition 2010:Award Ceremony

201 entries from 39 countries. The winning participants will be awarded the contract for developing SpireTec.

13th April, 7pm – 10pm; Amphitheatre

Growth Drivers For SMEs: A Workshop

This exhibition cum workshop-style event will provide a platform for key SMEs to share their expectations and requirements from the rapid urbanization. This allows them to learn from the success stories of their industry colleagues and enables them.

14th April, 10am – 6pm;

Big Horn Fest 2011

A series of musical performances and concerts by the most prominent original artists across myriad genres of music.

8-13th April, 7pm – 10pm;Amphitheatre

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