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India Really Got Talent?

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In India’s Got Talent Khoj Season 2, Shillong Chamber Choir has won the first prize.

But Do you think they really deserve this? Below are the view of Indians we collected from facebook –

Aamir Sayid: I’m completely heartbroken and speechless . . . That Teji Toko didn’t have any talent whatsoever and still became 1st runner up!!! Any average drummer could have beaten him easily in a competition.

But what about “Diwakar and Sonia”? Their pretty smile, innocence, charm???
And “Fictitious Group”? They too were fabulous.

There was a gross injustice on India’s Got Talent Khoj II finals.

I’m disappointed.

Alka Arya: Speechless & Heartbroken…. U made the show rocking and u will alwys b the best… This unfair voting system always deters the true Talent… And why Meghalaya’s CM was invited is purely evident.. it was all fixed!! But u will always remain in our hearts.. Love u both.. Keep it up n God bless…. Please update if u gyus perform in New Delhi, wud love to c u again n again…

Pradeep Chintam: Diwakar and Sonia, I would have never watched the show without you.. For me you are the WINNERS, i watched the repeat of your performance and could not find a reason why you were not voted.. I voted 10 times, the max i could..

Salonee Patki: The worst result ever in the history of all talent shows…. Ficitious Group and Diwakar & Sonia deserved to win. The judegent of talent should not be left to the masses

Prachi Khaladkar: Its simplyyy, not accepted by the audience, coz it was already a hint, that meghalaya minister already 2 c the finals….. The winners were suppose to be
Ficticious group (vasai nalasopar)
Diwakar n sonia (mumbai)
Sanjay with his kids (calcutta)
and also they could have been a runner up – Sand art group
This is not at all acceptable froma show like India’s Got talent ……………. fell reallyy sorrryyyy for the most deserving participants
i think even teh judge wil agree

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  1. Totally Unfair and Biased results! The Choir group was just average and Teji was much below average! It’s a huge disgrace that the actually talented people like Sanjey Mondal, Diwakar Sonia and Fictitious Group didn’t even come in the top 3 spots! It only shows that Regional Favouritism (NORTH-EAST) is what decides such shows- nothing to do with talent or judges!

  2. Listen up all you stingy retards.
    IGT voting was open for all to VOTE for their favorites. So first ask yourself if you have voted for your favorites, They would have won. But the answer is because you didn’t. CHAPTER CLOSED NOW – THE END!!!!!

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