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My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist !!

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by Tanya Madra

Today I watched MY NAME IS KHAN and it seriously made me proud in fact not only me it will make every human proud. The movie puts forward a very important point that every Muslim is not a terrorist. Certain dialogues in movie touched my heart like the character Rihjwan khan which is played by Shahrukh Khan don’t know who is Muslim, who is Hindu and who is Christian. The only thing he knows is that there are only two kinds of people on this earth one is “Good” and the other is “Bad”. According to him these two kinds of people can be found in any part of country and could be from any religion. It may sound very normal and common to many people but let me ask you, Is it really a common thing and how many of us really mean this and think in the same way. The answer is “NO ONE”. Strange but true.

We should see the world as one place of peace and prosperity where everyone is treated as child of God. This movie will really make you respect every religion and people belongs to that particular religion because there is only one God and he wants his children to be happy and live together without any barriers of caste, creed, class, nationality, and most important religion. At the end I can only say that every Indian, Australian, American, English, Pakistani and others who think that people can be judged as terrorist by their name should watch this movie. Terrorism has no religion and those who are terrorist do not belong to any religion.


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