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Nokia Kinetic in India? | Nokia Kinetic Pictures | Future of Nokia mobiles

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(Via @ http://www.jeremyinneshopkins.com/)

So here is the future of Nokia mobiles –  Nokia Kinetic. Soon Nokia will release Nokia Kinetic. It is designed by Creative designer Jeremy Innes-Hopkins. Jeremy give the concept – “notifications through movement”. It means when someone calls on your number, your Nokia Kinetic will stand Up. See below Image –

Nokia Kinetic in India

Concept behind Nokia Kinetic mobile – Its base includes a electromagnet, which allows weight to be shifted which causes the phone to stand up when a call is received. I am waiting for this phone to be released in India. If you want to reject the call, then you need to give a gentle tab on mobile, then this mobile will lie down and will go to Stand by Mode again.

So Question – What will happen if this mobile is in your pocket and someone calls you? 😛

More Pictures and Videos –

Nokia Kinetic

(photo Credit: Jeremy Innes-Hopkins) More Info can be found at – http://www.jeremyinneshopkins.com/index.php?/product/kinetic/

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