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Paul octopus prediction for FIFA Worldcup final 2010

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For those who don’t know about Paul – Paul Octopus is a 2 year old octopus who makes prediction for the FIFA 2010 world cup. As per Wikipedia –

“The octopus is used as an animal oracle in an attempt to predict the results of football matches, usually international matches in which Germany is playing.”

And the best part is his all predictions come true except one. Paul, the Octopus now predicts that Netherlands (Holland) will win the FIFA World Cup 2010.

As per Paul Octopus’s prediction, Spain will be one of the finalists in World Cup football.This prediction of Octopus worried Germany Fans. Also when Paul make prediction of  Spain win over Germany, after that he got death threats.

Paul is so popular now a days. He is like a celebrity. He is all over – front page, breaking news, specials, sports round ups … every where. Spanish PM has promised hi-tech security for Paul, the octopus, who continues to make headlines.

Below are some videos of Paul Octopus making predictions or FIFA 2010.

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